What We Believe

What We Believe

What Adventists Believe

We believe God is real. We believe the King James version of the Bible to be true. In a world where trust is waning, faith is abstract, and religion is more associated with the word cult than faith; Seventh-day Adventists believe hope in Jesus is a more than viable alternative. Our hope in is in Jesus as expressed in God’s Word.

Hope in Jesus brings balance, focus and simplification in an otherwise complex, sometimes confusing world.

Seventh-day Adventists believe that God is our Origin. God created this earth and mankind and He did it in only six days. He provided us the most fantastic surroundings of trees, flowers, vegetation, exotic animals and birds, blue skies and fresh air.

God’s crowning act of creation was on the sixth day when He formed mankind with His Own Hands from the dust of the earth. So that we would remember our Creator in worship and thanksgiving, God created a special day, the seventh day. He desired us to take time away from our dominion and upkeep of the earth, which He granted Adam and Eve. In doing so God too would spend that special day with us. He made it special by hallowing, blessing and sanctifying the day. It is the Seventh Day.

This humble yet fantastic story of our beginning eliminates much of the speculation associated with any other version of our beginning. It takes faith to believe all versions of our beginning so why not accept the most concise, simplest version found in scripture?

God desires relationship with us. To believe that one God created all things clearly simplifies our understanding and allows concentration on more answers than questions. There will always be questions on how and where we came from, it is why the Holy Bible is a book of faith. To believe God exists is just the beginning in a journey to know more about life, love, Jesus the revelation of salvation.

Life here is temporary. For those who believe, the Bible tells us that Jesus returns one day for those believers. Jesus calls them friends. Seventh-day Adventists believe in the Second Coming.

Since 1844 our faith and religion have been shared throughout the world, now in 237 countries with over 18 million members worldwide. We have 7500 schools and 173 hospitals. Part of our banner message is healthful living. We believe fellowship is the key to unity, strength, longevity and community. A feeling of belonging leads to a desire to believe, which impacts a decision for Jesus in our lives.

“Seventh-day Adventists beliefs are meant to permeate your life. Growing out of scriptures that paint a compelling portrait of God, you are invited to explore, experience and know the One who desires to make us whole.”
Adventist Official Website: www.adventist.org

Come, follow, go…on a journey with Jesus.

Vision Statement

We believe we can improve the quality of life, one person at a time, by sharing the life of Jesus and His love for people through our community friendship outreach.

Mission Statement

Seek Jesus, find Jesus, share Jesus by helping others do the same through community friendship outreach.